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Symform Cooperative Storage Cloud

发布者:Wei Wang,发布时间:2009年10月1日 上午8:11
Read this in NetworkWorld today -- the approach is intriguing:

This is new approach to cloud storage that Symform describes as a “storage potluck.” When users sign up for the Cooperative Storage Cloud, they can get as much storage space as they want within the cloud as long as they contribute an equal amount of storage space on their own premises for Symform to use as storage for other customers. Kevin Brown, the vice president of sales and marketing for Symform, says the customer “contributes what they consume.” So for
example, Brown says that a customer “can contribute from an internal drive or some external drive, e.g., a $100 USB drive, and backup an unlimited amount.” This cooperative approach to storage makes Symform’s cloud storage cheaper than other kinds of cloud storage.